How to become a SHEIN brand ambassador quickly in 2024

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In this article, I will explain the two different SHEIN brand ambassador and influencer programs that are available in 2024.

Firstly, SHEIN has their SHEIN partner program (#SHEINpartner) and the SHEIN CAMPUS ambassador program.

SHEIN has changed their programs in the past regularly and thus have closed their old SHEIN affiliate program in the US.

Who is SHEIN?

SHEIN is a popular women’s clothing brand that focuses on high-quality and affordable clothing at low prices. SHEIN is also an eCommerce platform designed to provide women with fast fashion goods from China at cheap prices.

The brand has a wide range of clothing options, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories at an affordable price. SHEIN also offers a variety of sizes and colors to fit everyone’s needs.

As a SHEIN brand ambassador, you can help promote the brand and bring in new customers. By promoting the brand online and offline, you can help SHEIN reach its goal of becoming the go-to choice for women’s fashion.Are you interested? If so, this guide is for you!

What is the SHEIN Partner Program?

The SHEIN Partner Program (#SHEINpartner) is an affiliate marketing program that rewards you for referring your social media follower to the SHEIN website. Once you have joined the program as a SHEIN partner or ambassador you are a SHEIN influencer.

The program is ideal for social media influencers who have an active following and posting and writing about lifestyle and fashion on their social media accounts.

When you become an partner you can earn money with your social media account and wearing fashion items from SHEIN. The affiliate business model is that SHEIN will give you a commission on all the sales that you help generate through your links. You can include the links to the SHEIN products in your social media post.

The link will then lead the user to the SHEIN site. The site can link the visitor to your account through the unique ID that you have added to the link.

You can also earn bonuses for signing up new affiliates and referring new customers to the SHEIN website.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and commissions are paid monthly.

In essence as a SHEIN partner you are a brand ambassador for SHEIN. The brand ambassador job description is a person who represents and promotes a particular brand or product.

The role of a brand ambassador is to create awareness, build trust, and generate positive feelings and associations about the brand among the target audience.

How to become a brand ambassador for SHEIN a short tutorial

How does the SHEIN Affiliate Program work?

If you are someone who loves shopping for clothes and accessories, then you will love the SHEIN Affiliate Program and becoming a SHEIN influencer.

As an affiliate for SHEIN or a SHEIN ambassador, you are promoting SHEIN clothes e.g. through social media posts on their social media accounts.

You will earn affiliate commissions when a visitor of your website or social networks postings on one of the different social media platforms clicks on the link with your affiliate ID and buys the product.

When the user clicks on the link an ID is attached to the link, so that SHEIN knows the visitor came from your website.

However, the first step you have to take is to register on their website for the affiliate program.

The link leads you to the registration for the united states this is required so that you can promote SHEIN products and earn money as a SHEIN influencer.

When you sign up you have to provide SHEIN with information on how and where you want to promote their products and what your traffic or followership on social networks is like.

The member of the SHEIN affiliate program is called SHEIN ambassador.

To better understand what SHEIN expect from you as a brand ambassador you can get a good overview of the job from my guide how to become a successful brand ambassador.

In addition, you can also sign-up for the affiliate program through the following affiliate networks: shareasale, pepperjam, admitad, awin or cj.

There a couple of organic affiliate marketing techniques to grow your following, so that you can apply for the SHEIN ambassador program.

How to apply for SHEIN ambassador program

To be become a SHEIN ambassador in the SHEIN Affiliate Program, you must meet the SHEIN influencer requirements and fill out the SHEIN brand ambassador application on the SHEIN website.

  1. Your website or social media account must be appropriate from the point of view of the SHEIN ambassador program.
  2. You, as a social media influencer and future SHEIN ambassador, must have an audience on your page or social network that must be in line with what SHEIN is looking for.
  3. SHEIN is only looking for affiliates that already have a lot of web traffic or social network follower as a nano influencers or celebrity influencers on a social media platform.

The experience with other affiliates shows that you have a good chance of being invited to the affiliate program if you have a large following.

How high is the commission and cookie validity?

You, as a SHEIN affiliate or SHEIN ambassador will get between 10% and 20% for each purchase of a product from SHEINs website when the visitor clicked on the link on your website.

The cookie with your affiliate ID will be valid for 30 days.

That means even 30 days after the user followed your link, the purchase will be attributed to you. If you want to read why the validity of the cookie is important, read my article about cookie duration for affiliate marketing.

In addition, their website states you get extra bonus if you also promote their promotions with e.g. a discount code.

When you are asking yourself:how to become a brand ambassador for shein - you need to know how to be a social media influencer

How do I become brand ambassador for SHEIN?

To become an ambassador of SHEIN, here is what you will need to have within yourself.

  1. You need a social media account or a blog to be able to promote the products.
  2. You have to meet the number of followers for you social media account or the number of page impressions for your blog that SHEIN sets a the minimum to get into their ambassador program.
  3. Apply for the program by filling out the online application, between the first and twentieth of each month.
  4. This allows SHEIN to learn more about you, your presence on the internet and your plan how to promote their product.
  5. SHEIN will then check your online presence if it fits to their brand and their marketing goals. If you presence is accepted you will receive an email with the confirmation and the next steps you have to take.
  6. Now you can start promoting their products and take part in the bonuses from SHEIN. By doing this some members with a strong social media presence are growing their own personal brand and get celebrity status. Some members are nano influencers specialize on specific products or a specific niche of SHEIN products.

How does SHEIN support its affiliate?

SHEIN provides its affiliates and SHEIN ambassador or others would call them influencers with different promotional support.

SHEIN has different profitable activities on a monthly basis for its affiliates that include banners and coupons.

The conversion on the SHEIN platform is high as they offer free shipping and cheap prices for modern design.

In addition, there is the SHEIN ambassador email in which they are informing their influencers about their promotions. SHEIN also offers promotion to their customers through notifications in the SHEIN app, their social media presence and other social media channels.

SHEIN affiliate program login

Create an ebook with fashion tips with Sqribble or Designrr.

If you want to get a complete overview of software and services to create ebooks for your affiliate marketing business, checkout my overview of the best software and services to create an ebook.

What is the SHEIN Campus Ambassador Program

The SHEIN Campus Ambassador program is a SHEIN influencer program targeted specifically at students that love SHEIN clothes and SHEIN clothing and want to promote SHEIN products.

This brand ambassador job is exclusive for students and offers additional benefits and higher commissions than the normal SHEIN affiliate program that is targeted at nano influencers, celebrity influencers or macro influencers or social media influencers in general.

SHEIN campus brand ambassadors can also promote SHEIN programs through social media posts on their social media accounts or by sharing the link with their SHEIN ID with their friends and family.

The members of this program form a small and engaged community with in SHEIN. The SHEIN brand ambassadors sometimes receive free clothes and other free stuff to try out new styles of SHEIN brand.

If you are just starting as an influencer, I have written a guide how to make money as a micro influencer, so that you can read about some more ideas to make money in addition to the SHEIN Campus Ambassador Program.

How much does SHEIN pay Influencers

SHEIN does not pay its influencers a fixed amount. Each influencer earns money depending on the value of the products that are bought through links with the influencers ID attached.

The commission rate can be up to 20% depending on the product and promotion for the product from SHEIN.

In addition the money a brand ambassador can earn with affiliate money from SHEIN, he can make money on Instagram as a brand ambassador.

How much do SHEIN Ambassadors make

How to apply for SHEIN Campus Ambassador Program and Application 2023

Shein has a landing page for the Shein Campus Ambassador program, from which you can apply for the program. However, the application is only open from the 1st to the 20th of each month. Apply here.

Shein – She Glam Influence Program

Th Shein ambassabor application 2023 is called the She Glam Influencer Program. To join the SheGlam Fam you have to fill out a survey. The link can be found on this landing page.

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