How to make Money from Affiliate Marketing without a Website


Most courses that teach affiliate marketers to start affiliate marketing require the creation of an own website. In this blog post I will outline how you can make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

A lot of newbies are afraid to start a new website on their own because they think that they do not have the required knowledge.

From my point of view, you can make money without a website however I think you should have your own website as this provides you with the independence of other plattforms.

But now lets start with the different ways that allows you to make money as an affiliate marketer with out a website. But before we start lets quickly define what affiliate marketing actually is.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing where you, as an affiliate marketer, promote someone else’s products or services in exchange for a commission on sales. You promote affiliate links on your website or social media platforms or online communities or your YouTube channel, when the user clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online because it’s so easy to get started and there are a lot of affiliate programs available. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money while you’re working on building your own online business.

Choose an affiliate program that don’t require a website

There are some affiliate programs and affiliate networks that require you to have your own website. If you decide to start affiliate marketing without website make sure that you choose a program that do not have the requirement.

Even Amazon can be a bit tricky without a website, as they require you to have a website when you join their website. However, there are a lot of affiliate programs and affiliate networks that do not require a website from their affiliate marketer.

Different ways to make affiliate marketing without a website

  1. Create your own Youtube channel

  2. Use social media platforms to promote your affiliate links

  3. Post your affiliate links in online Forums

  4. Use Pay-per-click marketing for affiliate marketing

  5. Email marketing

Create your own YouTube channel

One good way promoting affiliate links is starting a YouTube channel. A lot content creators on YouTube not only create videos about their daily life or create tutorials but they also often review products. This products are often affiliate products, meaning the content creator earns money when somebody clicks on the link.

when the review products they often integrate an affiliate link into their video descriptions. Some of the biggest affiliate marketers are on YouTube. Starting a YouTube channel is a common practise to start an affiliate marketing business.

One of the advantages of YouTube over some of the other platforms to start as an affiliate marketer is that the content stays visible on the platform for a long time and the content discovery is very good on YouTube.

Users can discover your content on YouTube through different means, one the one hand YouTube is one of the biggest search engines, on the other hand YouTube has discovery algorithms so that users always discover new YouTube videos that match their interests.

However, there are also some downsides to running affiliate marketing on Youtube. depending on your niche the competition is very strong and you are very dependent on the platform

Use social media platforms

One way to make money from affiliate marketing without a website is on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

You can also start you affiliate marketing activities on one of the various social media platforms. The favorite social media sites for affiliate marketing is changing from time to time.

A long time Instagram was very popular with affiliate marketers especially when visual products were promoted. in the last two years TikTok has emerged as a popular social media site for affiliate marketing as their algorithm promotes new videos a lot and users are staying a long time on the platform.

However, you need a lot of followers of your social media profile to get enough traffic to earn a decent amount of money from your affiliate marketing business. To reach such an audience that you get enough traffic requires you to post valuable content and to engage and interact with your follower and other social media profiles in you niche over a long time period – most likely a couple of years.

The normal process would be to post regular to your social media profile and every other post might include affiliate products. You might review a product or you might post a list of best products or you would just promote affiliate offers.

Use Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Another way to making money online with affiliate marketing is through paid ads. In this model you use paid traffic from Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other advertising networks running ad campaigns to go to a landing page. On this landing page you promote your affiliate offers. The user has then to click on the landing page on your affiliate link.

A couple of years ago affiliate marketers would make a lot of money as you could link from Google Adwords directly to affiliate offers. Nowadays Google Adwords forbids direct linking. This makes the whole process more complex and requires you to create landing pages for your offers and also increases the number of clicks the visitor has to click.

Paid ads is a very difficult way for a new affiliate marketer to earn money as you have to spend a lot money trying different products, affiliate network, affiliate products until you have found a working combination. This trying can cost easily a couple of thousand dollars.

On the other side there are a lot of successful affiliate marketer who earn money online with paid ads without a website a affiliate website. Most often they use the social media platform Facebook and run social media ads to a landing page and from the landing page to the affiliate offer.

My final thoughts

The list of the different ways to a affiliate marketing without a website is a bit negative when reading through it. But as I mentioned there are affiliate marketers that are very successful earning money.

However there is no easy way to earn money with affiliate marketing. All ways need persistant work from the affiliate marketer to start affiliate marketing without a website or with a website. I personally would always start with a website.

The advantage of a website is that you are independent from a third party that might change their policy or their algorithm or might block account. In addition your own website is an asset that you build, that can generate passive income by bringing organic traffic to your affiliate offers.

Once you have started your affiliate marketing business, you can start a Youtube channel or a social media account to increase your reach and get more traffic sources.

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