Understanding ClickBank Gravity Quickly: What It Means for your success


Clickbank gravity is a crucial metric that every affiliate marketer should understand, who wants to market products from the Clickbank marketplace. In this blog post, we will explore what Clickbank gravity is and how it’s calculated. We’ll also delve into why high gravity matters when selecting products to promote on Clickbank.

You’ll learn how to use product’s gravity as a tool for choosing profitable products to promote and the common misconceptions surrounding Clickbank gravity that may be hindering your success in affiliate marketing.

By the end of this post, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Clickbank gravity and its significance in affiliate marketing for Clickbank products.. So let’s dive in!

Understanding ClickBank Gravity

ClickBank Gravity is a metric used to measure the success of an affiliate product or service in the Clickbank marketplace. It provides valuable insight into how well an offer is performing in terms of conversions for affiliates.

The higher the score, the more successful it’s been for affiliates. A good gravity score indicates that many people are actively promoting the product or service, resulting in high conversion rates and earnings per click (EPC). You can see the gravity score when you are logged into your Clickbank account.

The score is an excellent indicator to promote products that are successful in the market. The score is only available in the Clickbank marketplace and not on the sales page of the product.

What is Clickbank Gravity and Where to find the Clickbank Gravity Score in the interface

When it comes to choosing products with high gravity scores, there are several tips that digital entrepreneurs should keep in mind.

Overall, understanding ClickBank Gravity is essential for any digital entrepreneur who wants to make money online through affiliate marketing and digital marketing strategies.

By taking advantage of all the metrics available within Spark and analyzing conversion rates and EPCs carefully along with assessing competition levels appropriately, you can find highly profitable offers with great potential returns.

Understanding ClickBank Gravity is an important concept for digital entrepreneurs to understand in order to maximize their online profits. With that knowledge, we can now dive deeper into what exactly ClickBank Gravity is and how it works.

As an advanced-level professional, I’d summarize the above as: ClickBank Gravity is a metric used to measure the success of affiliate products or services; savvy digital entrepreneurs should use Spark and other tools to assess competition levels and maximize profits. With careful analysis and PPC advertising, affiliates can find highly profitable offers with great returns.

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What is ClickBank Gravity – or how Clickbank calculates Gravity?

The number of affiliates who have achieved sales within the preceding three months is used to determine Gravity for a product on ClickBank. The higher the gravity score, the more successful affiliates have been with that product and vice versa. One gravity point means that one affiliate has successfully sold the product in the last month. Each affiliate selling a product with a Clickbank affiliate ID will increase the gravity score.

By examining conversion figures and the amount of money earned for each click (EPC), you can make a decision on whether or not it’s worth your time to promote a certain offer. You’ll also want to consider competition when evaluating gravity scores; if there are already many other affiliates promoting an offer, your chances of making money from it may be slim due to increased competition for clicks and sales commissions.

When deciding which products are worth promoting, look for those with high gravity scores as well as low competition levels among other affiliate marketers; this will give you better odds of making money from them since fewer people will be competing against you for clicks and sales commissions. Additionally, use PPC advertising alongside promotion efforts in order to maximize visibility while keeping costs down.

Create unique content such as blog posts or videos related to the product in order to make yourself stand out from other affiliate marketers who may be offering similar offers. Finally, understand how ClickBank calculates its gravity score so that you can choose profitable products with a high potential return on investment (ROI).

ClickBank Gravity is a metric used to measure the success of an affiliate product on Clickbank. By evaluating the gravity score, affiliate marketers can determine which products are most likely to be successful and profitable for them. Next, we will discuss how affiliates should evaluate these scores in order to maximize their profits.

ClickBank Gravity is a metric that helps affiliates determine the success of the products they are promoting. It takes into account unique sales in the last 12 weeks and can be evaluated using Spark to gauge competition, conversion rates, and earnings per click (EPC).

To maximize returns on investment it’s important for affiliates to select offers with high gravity scores as well as low levels of competition among other marketers. The score can only be seen when you have a Clickbank account.

How Affiliates Should Evaluate the Clickbank Gravity Score

When evaluating different offers on ClickBank, affiliate marketers should aim for a Gravity Score of 150 or higher. However, it is important to keep in mind that solid converting products can still be found on pages 5 through 9 in the marketplace.

To choose profitable products from the Clickbank marketplace with high gravity scores, there are several tools available to help evaluate different offers based on their performance metrics such as conversion rates and earnings per click (EPC).

Using Spark tool is one way to determine which product will generate the highest return. This tool provides an overview of each offer’s performance including its Gravity Score, sales rate, average sale amount and EPC score. The tool enables users to contrast different offers, thus enabling them to rapidly discern which ones have the greatest possibility of success.

Evaluating competition is a must for any affiliate marketer who wants to make the most of their Gravity Score. To get an idea of how much competition there already is, they should analyze how many affiliates have promoted a vendor’s product compared to those that earned commissions from it in the past twelve weeks.

Additionally, assessing the average sale amount can give them insight into whether or not it would be worth pursuing further based on its commission structure. All these factors combined will help savvy marketers identify which offers are likely to yield maximum returns and success.

Affiliate marketers should be mindful of the gravity score when evaluating a product for promotion, as it can give them insight into how successful their efforts could potentially be. Let’s consider what an ideal gravity score would be for product promotion.

Key Takeaway: As an advanced marketer with a high IQ, it’s important to use tools such as Spark to identify profitable offers with high gravity scores. Additionally, evaluating competition and average sale amount will help marketers determine which products are likely to yield maximum returns and success.

What Is A Good Gravity Score To Promote A Product?

Gravity scores are one of the most important metrics for affiliate marketers to consider when evaluating a product or service to promote. A good gravity score indicates that other affiliates have had success with the product and it is likely to be profitable.

Gravity scores range from 0-1000, with higher numbers indicating more successful products. Anything above 100 is considered a good gravity score, but depending on your niche and competition levels you may need to look for even higher numbers.

The Spark tool can help you analyze ClickBank’s gravity score by giving you an overview of how many sales have been made in a given period as well as conversion rates and earnings per click (EPC). This data can offer you an idea of the level of rivalry for that product, so that you may make a well-thought-out choice about if it is worth endorsing.

It’s also important to evaluate your competition before deciding which products to promote. You should look at what kind of content they’re producing, their marketing strategies, and any promotional materials they might be using such as videos or banners.

Knowing who else is targeting this audience will help you create unique content that stands out from the crowd and gives potential customers another reason to buy through your link instead of someone else’s.

A good gravity score to promote a product is dependent on the specific market and target audience, but typically scores of over 50 indicate that there is significant demand for the product. To maximize your chances of success when promoting products with high gravity scores, it’s important to understand how ClickBank calculates its score as well as use PPC advertising alongside promotion efforts and create unique content.

Key Takeaway: Clickbank gravity scores are an important metric for affiliates to consider when choosing a product or service to promote; higher numbers indicate more successful products. Spark can be used as a tool to analyze ClickBank’s gravity score, while competition analysis is also necessary in order to create unique content that stands out from the crowd and maximizes conversions.

Tips For Choosing Profitable Products With High Gravity Scores

When choosing products with high gravity scores, affiliate marketers need to understand how ClickBank calculates its gravity score. According to Antone Roundy’s assumptions about the calculation process being correct, the higher a product’s gravity score is, the more affiliates have successfully promoted it and made money from doing so. To get started promoting profitable products with high gravity scores, consider using PPC advertising alongside your promotion efforts. This method can be extremely effective when used in combination with creating landing pages that feature reviews written by yourself or others and offering additional bonuses such as free eBooks for those who purchase through your affiliate link.

By following these tips, you can choose profitable products with high gravity scores and increase your chances of success as an affiliate marketer. Utilizing expressions and everyday language can help make your material more recognizable to perusers which will pull them in and urge them to tap on your connection. Additionally, include multiple NLP keywords throughout your content related to the primary topic so that it shows up in search engine results when potential customers are searching for information about a specific product or service online.

FAQs in Relation to What is Clickbank Gravity?

What is gravity in ClickBank?

Gravity in ClickBank is a measure of how popular a product or service is among affiliates. It indicates the number of affiliates who have earned commissions from promoting that particular item within the past 12 weeks. The higher the gravity, the more successful and popular an item has been with its affiliate marketers, meaning it could be a great choice for new entrepreneurs to promote as well.

What is the best gravity score for affiliate marketing?

Gravity score for affiliate marketing is determined by various elements, such as the item’s ubiquity, its pertinence to your intended interest group, and how intense the specialty is. Generally speaking, products with higher gravity scores have been around longer and are more established in their respective niches. However, it’s important to remember that a high gravity score does not guarantee success; you must also consider other aspects such as market research and customer feedback when making decisions about which products to promote.

Do people really make money on ClickBank?

Yes, people do make money on ClickBank. ClickBank provides numerous products and services which can be utilized to earn money through digital marketing and affiliate marketing. It is possible to build a successful business by leveraging the resources available on ClickBank such as tutorials, tools, webinars, training courses and more. However, it does require dedication, hard work and consistent effort in order to succeed with this platform.

What is everything about ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online platform that allows digital entrepreneurs to promote, sell and earn commissions from products created by other vendors. It provides a secure payment gateway for merchants and affiliates alike, allowing them to easily manage their business operations without any hassle. With ClickBank, users can also create custom affiliate links with unique tracking IDs so they can monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time. Furthermore, ClickBank offers powerful analytics tools to track customer behavior and optimize marketing strategies accordingly.


ClickBank gravity is an important metric to consider when evaluating the potential profitability of a product or service. A high ClickBank gravity score can indicate that the offer has already been successful and could be a great choice for affiliate marketers looking to promote products with good returns. Though ClickBank gravity is a helpful metric, it’s wise to look at other components too, such as commission levels, consumer ratings, and rivalry prior to deciding which offers are most advantageous for your marketing endeavors. With careful research into each product’s Clickbank gravity score, you can maximize your profits from promoting profitable digital products online.

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